Desert Swan

This song is truly special to me and was recently released. ‘Desert Swan’ is an empowering anthem about the journey & struggle of rising above one’s circumstances. The raw vocal force tells the metaphorical story about a swan battling to thrive in a deserted place, until overcoming her obstacles & gracefully soaring beyond the pain of yesterday. Penned & produced by Daniel Baron at the Hit Kitchen Studios, we set out to create a cinematic soundscape of uplifting pop with an honest gritty core. 

I’ve known Daniel for years and finally decided to work with him on my new music project. I gave him a difficult topic to write about that really didn’t make sense at first. I trusted him with my vision and very personal details about my life. This required great communication skills as well as an excellent understanding to produce my story into the sound that I wanted and he nailed it! He inspired me in studio in a manner that got the best vocal performance possible out of me. He is kind hearted and knows how to align the ideas in his head into a musical masterpiece.
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