Music Video: Daar Waar Ons Staan

“We rely on friendships for many things: happiness, reassurance of our worth, health and wellbeing. There’s been no period in history where this was not the case and now more than ever, we need relationships that can help us through the epidemic”, says Valeska. The music video for DAAR WAAR ONS STAAN was inspired by real life events. It conveys a message about the importance of friendship and the effect that lockdown and Covid-19 has had on her up to now. The actress, Natasha van der Merwe, which can be seen in the video with Valeska is actually one of her best friends and the moments throughout the video, capture real moments in their friendship and relationship. Most of the video was shot at the Melody Lane Studio and at Valeska’s house. “This is really my most personal video up to date and I am giving people a glimpse into my private life and my lockdown experience”, she says.

Saint Nic Media did an amazing job capturing the essence of this situation. Make-up was done by the talented Hannelie Burger. The video, shot in black and white – the two most extreme ends of the colour spectrum – symbolizes the erratic and contrasting emotions behind this “Corona coaster” we are all experiencing. “Throughout the video you will see us going through a range of emotions and struggling with the lockdown and being alone. Being a single female living alone, the lockdown has been especially hard for me and I would not have been able to cope without technology. It helped so much to talk to my friends and family through video calls. Though I am grateful for technology none of it, not Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp seems to replace face-to-face contact and physical touch, especially hugs!”

The singer who constantly emphasize how important relationships are to her says she knows that everyone across boarders can associate with this music video because everyone is still surviving this Covid-19 nightmare and the pressures and uncertainty of the lockdown. “I hope this video inspires people to be better human beings and to be better friends and to nurture their relationships, because that is all that matters in this world! Everything else can be taken away from us in split second. Love one another and stand together. We need it now more than ever”.

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