Valeska Muller is an unstoppable force in the South African music industry, boasting an impressive 24-year career performing on the live music and theatre scene. With a string of successful Afrikaans and English hits to her name, this talented songstress is now set to ignite the dancefloors with her dance-pop anthem.

Titled ‘Vertical Desire,’ this infectious disco-laced tune is a collaboration between Valeska Muller and platinum-selling artist/producer, Daniel Baron. Drawing inspiration from a funk-driven bassline, the song effortlessly blends a nostalgic and emotive mood with an irresistible dancefloor-ready beat. As Valeska passionately sings, “I’ve got a vertical desire to dance into the fire with you,” the lyrics resonate with boldness and fervor, perfectly complementing her raspy vocal tones.

The seasoned singer describes the song as an exploration of diving headfirst into a new relationship, leaving behind any fears or inhibitions. Valeska Muller has poured her heart and soul into crafting ‘Vertical Desire’ alongside her frequent collaborator, Daniel Baron. Their creative synergy has resulted in a musical masterpiece that captures the essence of her vision and personal story.

Experience the magic of ‘Vertical Desire’ now available for streaming on all major platforms:

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Desert Swan

“Desert Swan” is a recently released song that holds great significance to Valeska. This empowering anthem delves into the journey and struggle of overcoming challenging circumstances. Through its raw vocal force, the metaphorical story unfolds, depicting a swan’s battle to flourish in a barren landscape, ultimately triumphing over obstacles and gracefully soaring beyond past pains. The song was meticulously crafted and produced by Daniel Baron at the esteemed Hit Kitchen Studios, aiming to create a cinematic soundscape of uplifting pop while maintaining an authentic and gritty core.

Having known Daniel for years, the artist finally decided to collaborate with him on their new music project. Despite presenting a challenging and initially nonsensical theme, the artist entrusted Daniel with their vision and shared deeply personal details about their life. This collaboration required exceptional communication skills and a profound understanding to translate the artist’s story into the desired sound, and Daniel exceeded all expectations. His presence in the studio served as an inspiration, coaxing the artist to deliver their best vocal performance possible. With his kind-hearted nature and ability to transform ideas into musical masterpieces, Daniel proved to be an invaluable partner in bringing the artist’s vision to life.
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Jy Vat Alles

“Jy Vat Alles” stands out as Valeska’s favorite song from her debut Afrikaans album. This deeply personal and heartfelt composition was written as a letter to someone who held great significance in her life, but unfortunately, the relationship turned unhealthy. Despite the emotional difficulty, she found the courage to bring it to an end.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated creative team worked tirelessly to bring this music video to life. Valeska Muller, as the producer, poured her heart and soul into the project, ensuring its authenticity and emotional resonance. The cinematography, skillfully executed by Victoria Leao, captured the essence of the song with artistic finesse. Valeska Muller and Victoria Leao took on the roles of directors and editors, carefully shaping the visual narrative to perfectly complement the song’s powerful message. The talented makeup artist, Hannelie Burger, added the final touches to the production. The songwriting credits go to Valeska Muller and Bigg-T, who masterfully crafted the lyrics and melodies that deeply resonate with listeners.

My Simfonie Album
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Music Video: Daar Waar Ons Staan

“We rely on friendships for many things: happiness, reassurance of our worth, health and wellbeing. There’s been no period in history where this was not the case and now more than ever, we need relationships that can help us through the epidemic”, says Valeska. The music video for DAAR WAAR ONS STAAN was inspired by real life events. It conveys a message about the importance of friendship and the effect that lockdown and Covid-19 has had on her up to now. The actress, Natasha van der Merwe, which can be seen in the video with Valeska is actually one of her best friends and the moments throughout the video, capture real moments in their friendship and relationship. Most of the video was shot at the Melody Lane Studio and at Valeska’s house. “This is really my most personal video up to date and I am giving people a glimpse into my private life and my lockdown experience”, she says.

Saint Nic Media did an amazing job capturing the essence of this situation. Make-up was done by the talented Hannelie Burger. The video, shot in black and white – the two most extreme ends of the colour spectrum – symbolizes the erratic and contrasting emotions behind this “Corona coaster” we are all experiencing. “Throughout the video you will see us going through a range of emotions and struggling with the lockdown and being alone. Being a single female living alone, the lockdown has been especially hard for me and I would not have been able to cope without technology. It helped so much to talk to my friends and family through video calls. Though I am grateful for technology none of it, not Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp seems to replace face-to-face contact and physical touch, especially hugs!”

The singer who constantly emphasize how important relationships are to her says she knows that everyone across boarders can associate with this music video because everyone is still surviving this Covid-19 nightmare and the pressures and uncertainty of the lockdown. “I hope this video inspires people to be better human beings and to be better friends and to nurture their relationships, because that is all that matters in this world! Everything else can be taken away from us in split second. Love one another and stand together. We need it now more than ever”.

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